Kozhamkulov St., 215/120, on crossing of Karasaybatyr St., Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
Kozhamkulov St., 215/120, on crossing of Karasaybatyr St., Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
Working Hours: from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Phone +7 (727) 3657777
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Price include: motorised screen and slide projector, flipchart board and microphones, high speed Wi-Fi Internet,  0.5l water bottle per person, office supplies for сonference members.

Conference Hall Plaza


Price per Day

Price per Half Day

60 persons

150 000 tenge

90 000 tenge

Additional Services

Type Light menu
per person
Medium menu
per person
Coffee Break 2 700 tenge 4 800 tenge
Lunch 5 000 tenge 6 500 tenge
Dinner 5 000 tenge 6  500 tenge

The Plaza Hotel Almaty has the honor to present to you the conference services provided in our business hotel. Its location in the cultural and business part of the city, its modern conference equipment, and exceptional service will ensure the high level and uniqueness of the event.

The Large and the Small Conference Halls will be perfectly suitable for various conferences, workshops, trainings and business meetings. The halls are equipped with all the things necessary for effective events: screens, projectors, flip charts, microphones, and high-speed Wi-Fi Internet. During breaks, the well-developed infrastructure of the hotel will ensure good rest of the participants of an event. Our attentive personnel and high-quality service will emphasize the importance of each client.

Classical interior of the Halls will be suitable for various solemn ceremonies, such as weddings and award presentations. The hotel’s location in the center of the city will let the newly married couple walk to the Alatoo Square. After the wedding ceremony the newlyweds and their guests can be accommodated in our comfortable rooms where they will enjoy pleasant rest and recreate. The hotel offers special room rates for the guests invited to attend weddings. In our hotel, your ceremony will be unforgettable.